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For over 30 years the cleaning power of the Vivelle line of mops has been tested, proved and trusted by customers across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Japan and across the globe. The company operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in Winnipeg, Toronto and Hambrücken Germany.

The disposable Vivelle Dynamop, the Vivelle Biomop and the Vivelle Ultimop were primarily developed for the dry cleaning of hospital rooms and health care facilities, but their attributes are being recognized in other areas such as airports, schools, showrooms, sports facilities, hotels, shops and more.

The advantage of reusable microfiber mops over the normal wet mop systems is the lower usage of water and chemicals, the improved hygiene levels attained and the slightly better productivity achieved. The Vivelle disposable mop systems virtually eliminate the use of water and chemicals, apart from persistent dirt spots, without negatively impacting on the immediate cleanliness levels of the floors, while at the same time approximately halving the labour time/costs.


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International company website and digital marketing inspiration

Growing a Brand

Connecting global customers

Unite Interactive worked with the Vivelle project team to overhaul the information architecture, modernize the brand, and enhance the Vivelle website user experience.

Unite Interactive's UX and content teams came together to clearly identify user types, and create new pathways and clearer call-to-actions. With persona insights and journeys established we then set about designing and developing a new set of front-end designs.

We took existing sales material and rewrote the majority of the site's copy and created a 'tone of voice' that speaks to the Vivelle brand. Through a combination of writing, editing, and reshaping of content, we were able to help simplify the way Vivelle explained its different mop attributes, and ensure the copy was consistent across service offerings.

The redesigned user experience takes into account the key audiences and provides them with relevant content and pages they need to understand the unique value properties the Vivelle line of mops offer.

Attention to the selection of photography used on the site also adds value to Vivelle's messaging.

As a company enjoying global growth, the Vivelle website is a multi-lingual website, currently supports over 100 different languages via a Google Translate API integration.

The new website is not only visually impressive and easy to understand, but it also supports Vivelle as the global leader for dry cleaning mops.

International company website and mobile design inspiration
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