Video and images allow you to capture the attention of your customer in the first few seconds of visiting your website or social media, increasing customer interest and conversion rates.


When visitors see your website or social media profile, they're making a quick decision on the credibility of your brand and the level of trust they will have with what you are offering. Imagery can have a significant impact on that first impression and having authentic photos of your business can be extremely impactful in showcasing your brand, products and services.

High resolution, great quality images make your online presence welcoming and appealing. It builds trust and increases your viewer's incentives to continue interacting with you. Evidence shows it also boosts social media interaction and sharing opportunities with your brand.

Video production

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach out and connect with prospective and existing customers. It allows you to humanize your brand by having real people "telling your story" and allowing customers to feel more engaged with the targeted messaging.

Unite Interactive can work with you to develop a variety of videos such as brand storytelling videos, product or service videos, tutorials and how to videos, behind the scenes videos and customer testimonial videos.

Drone videos

The use of drone video provides our clients the opportunity to make a remarkable aerial capture of their business products and services

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