Turnbull-Whitaker Insurance (TWI) is Winnipeg, Manitoba's independent insurance brokerage operating for 60 years. TWI's objective is to ensure that their clients across Winnipeg receive the best in Auto, Home/Tenant, Commercial/Surety and Travel Health Insurance services and products. They are proud of their ability to maintain strong relationships with long-term clientele, while at the same time evolving and continuing to grow as an organization. As an employer, they consider their staff the most valuable asset of the company.

At TWI, the core principle of their culture is to reflect a team environment that is guided by respect, education, and professionalism. Their team members are willing to share in the work, not just the rewards. You will find a diverse range of people within their organization offering varying levels of expertise and experience. As a team, there will always be a member available for you to access when the need arises.


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SWOT analysis
Identify target markets
Digital sales channels
Wireframe and mockups
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Customer-Centric Web Presence

Convenient access to insurance expertise

The implementation of a new web design and strategic digital marketing approach brought significant benefits to Turnbull-Whitaker Insurance Brokers. The revamped website featured a modern and user-friendly interface, allowing clients to easily navigate insurance offerings, access policy information, and request quotes. This enhanced accessibility resulted in increased customer engagement and a significant boost in lead generation.

The new web design incorporated responsive design principles, ensuring optimal performance and seamless browsing experiences across various devices. Clients could conveniently access the Turnbull-Whitaker website on their smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers, enabling them to explore insurance options anytime, anywhere. This mobile-friendly approach expanded the company's reach and attracted a wider audience.

The strategic digital marketing efforts complemented the new web design, driving targeted traffic to the Turnbull-Whitaker website. Through search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and other digital marketing efforts, the company significantly increased its online visibility. The improved online presence resulted in a steady flow of qualified leads and strengthened brand recognition within the insurance industry. The company's reputation as a trusted insurance broker flourished, positioning Turnbull-Whitaker as a preferred choice for clients seeking reliable and personalized insurance solutions.

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