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Sami Jo Small is a three-time Olympian and five-time world champion goalie for the Canadian national women's ice hockey team. A multi-sport athlete, Small attended Stanford University on a scholarship for discus and javelin. Sami Jo currently works as a motivational speaker, author, as well is an owner of a female hockey school.

Sami Jo has been speaking professionally since she started with the National Team in 1997. Sami Jo has earned the highest designation as a speaking professional, the CSP (Certified Speaking professional) in which there are only just over 500 worldwide and only a handful of former athletes. She has honed her message about teamwork after more than 20 years in the industry using stories from one of Canada's most successful teams, the Canadian Women's Hockey Team.

A team that won 4 straight Olympic Gold medals over 20 years. She delves into the personalities on the team and her thoughts on what makes strong teammates and ultimately success as a team. With her learnings, she has shown audiences all over the world that,


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Olympic athlete website design and digital marketing inspiration

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Sami Jo Small wanted a modern and highly engaging website that could attract the attention of her diverse audience of those interested in learning more about her as a public speaker, author, podcast host or hockey school owner-operator.

Mapping user types to content journeys required multiple stakeholder discussions with Sami Jo and ongoing inter-team collaboration. The project also needed to be delivered within a tight budget and timeframe to coincide with the launch of her new book, "Sami Jo Small, The Role I Played."

The redesigned user experience also included online registration forms for the hockey schools, Shopify integration for the sale of merchandise and Sami Jo's new book.

We were also delighted and honored to have received 5 international awards from three different award competitions for our work on the Sami Jo Small project.

Olympic athlete website and mobile design inspiration
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