Investment fund company website design and digital marketing Winnipeg, Vancouver and Canada by Unite Interactive

The Metis Economic Development Fund is an equity investment fund intended to stimulate economic development activities by providing equity and capital for Metis entrepreneurs and businesses to support economic development initiatives. MEDF concentrates on businesses and entrepreneurs which are in growth, expansion, start-up or acquisition phases.

MEDF concentrates on businesses and entrepreneurs which are in growth, expansion, or acquisition phases. The Fund may also invest in start-up ventures when the viability of the business outweighs the increased investment risk. MEDF is a $10 million fund where financing is available from $20,000 to $500,000 per start-up, acquisition, or expansion opportunity. Management advisory services are also made available through MEDF.


Brand strategy
Market research
Buyer personas
Brand creation and positioning
Copywriting services
Print services
Discovery and strategy
UX/UI design
Web design
Mobile friendly
Content management solution
Web hosting
Technology consulting
Application development
Database development
SEO optimization
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Video production

Investment fund company website and digital marketing inspiration

Modern UX/UI

Meaningful and impactful user experiences

First and foremost, our goal was to enhance the profile of MEDF, deepen its footprint and develop a web presence that reflected its status as an enabler for advancing economic development activities. MEDF worked with Unite Interactive to increase the volume of inquiries in the investment fund and attract the attention of users through various digital channels.

The User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) of the site was built to offer tailored experiences matched to multiple client considerations and investment requests. The simplicity of the UX/UI ensured users could easily move from high-level content to detailed information about the different investing and financing options available through MEDF.

We designed a simplistic, yet immersive mobile user experience with clear and informative calls to action throughout.

We worked with MEDF to further elevate their initial branding concept, by complimenting their digital strategy with print and video services to help "tell their story".

Investment fund company website and mobile design inspiration

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