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Established in 1988, McGowan Russell Group are a fully integrated consulting firm offering professional services within the fields of Landscape Architecture, Site Design, Subdivision Planning, Public Consultation, Planning Consulting, Urban Design, Site Naturalization and Recreation Park Planning. The approach of McGowan Russell Group is an inclusive process whether it be for a small suburban park, an urban plaza, a regional aquatic park, a comprehensive community plan, or a large scale commercial facility.

In addition to providing the highest quality product possible, the cornerstone of McGowan Russell Group's success is attention to detail from project inception to completion. As a demonstration of this commitment, a highly experienced and professional team has been assembled, with each individual bringing to the Group the necessary skills, experience and integrity required to effectively deal with the complexities and sensitivities of each client, program or project.


Website audit
Competitor analysis
SWOT analysis
Identify target markets
Digital sales channels
Wireframe and mockups
Content management solution
API and systems integration
Website hosting
SEO optimization
Google My Business
Analytics and KPI's

Pharmaceutical website and digital marketing inspiration

Driving Client Engagement

Showcasing a leader in landscape architecture

The implementation of a new web design and strategic digital marketing approach brought remarkable benefits to McGowan Russell Group, a renowned landscape architecture firm. The revamped website showcased their impressive portfolio, highlighting their innovative designs and expertise in the field. This visually captivating platform served as a powerful tool to attract new clients and showcase their capabilities.

The new web design emphasized user experience, with easy navigation, and clear project categorization. Visitors could effortlessly explore the diverse range of landscape architecture projects, access detailed case studies, and gather inspiration for their own projects. This improved user experience resulted in increased engagement and a higher likelihood of converting visitors into clients.

The strategic digital marketing efforts complemented the new web design, driving targeted traffic to the McGowan Russell Group website. Through search engine optimization (SEO), the company significantly increased its online visibility. This expanded reach led to a surge in qualified leads and heightened brand recognition within the landscape architecture industry.

Overall, the combined impact of the new web design and digital marketing strategies resulted in substantial growth for McGowan Russell Group. The increased website traffic, improved user experience, and enhanced lead generation efforts translated into higher project inquiries and successful conversions. The company's reputation as a leading landscape architecture firm flourished, positioning McGowan Russell Group as a preferred choice for clients seeking exceptional design solutions.

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