Jilmark Construction was founded in 2001, Jilmark Construction Ltd. provides cost-effective construction management for new and heritage construction plus interior renovations for industrial, commercial, residential and retail facilities. Jilmark Construction is a building contractor familiar with various types of buildings including heritage buildings, apartments, condominiums, new and renovated offices, warehouses, car dealerships, churches, and schools.

In addition to building a project as per the clients selected architect or designer they are also capable of providing a complete turnkey construction project including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design if those are the wishes of the client. There are often cost advantages when they control the complete package as we can select the right fit of consultants for different types of buildings. This method also allows for an open communication for suggestions from the trades on cost effective solutions that can be incorporated into the design.


Website audit
Competitor analysis
SWOT analysis
Identify target markets
Digital sales channels
Wireframe and mockups
Content management solution
API and systems integration
Website hosting
SEO optimization
Google My Business
Analytics and KPI's
Video production

Rising Above the Competition

Elevating a construction company's online presence

Jilmark, a prominent construction company, witnessed a remarkable transformation in its online presence with the implementation of a new web design. The user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation allowed potential clients to easily explore Jilmark's impressive portfolio, services, and testimonials. This enhanced accessibility resulted in increased inquiries and a higher conversion rate, ultimately boosting Jilmark's reputation and business growth.

With a visually appealing and modern design, Jilmark's website became a powerful marketing tool. The incorporation of high-quality images and videos showcased completed projects, highlighting the company's expertise and attention to detail. Prospective clients were captivated by the immersive visual experience, instilling confidence and trust in Jilmark's capabilities, leading to increased project inquiries and successful contract acquisitions.

Jilmark's new web design prioritized search engine optimization (SEO), improving its online visibility and search engine rankings. By implementing relevant keywords, optimizing meta tags, and enhancing website performance, Jilmark achieved higher organic search results. This increased visibility allowed Jilmark to attract a steady stream of qualified leads actively seeking construction services, resulting in a higher conversion rate and improved business opportunities.

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