Development and IT services in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Canada

Technology Solutions

We provide technology solutions that seamlessly connect servers, applications, websites and databases four our clients.

Technology consulting

Unite Interactive helps our clients with software acquisition and integration that would help further enhance their online presence and the customer user experience. Unite Interactive has a strong software development background, so we are able to converse with software providers on behalf of our clients, evaluate the service offerings and collaborate with our clients to make informed technical choices that will deliver the desired expectations.

Application development

This involves designing, building and implementing a variety of customer and third-party software applications to allow our clients to have added functionality that can transform the user experience, create new revenue channels and provide added value to support business needs.

Database development

Unite Interactive cloud-based database solutions offer a highly cost-effective and efficient way of handling numerous types of data online for our clients. These database driven tasks, connected to a web interface provides increased functionality between you and your customers by providing the ability to share data across the web

API and systems integration

API and systems integration is a concept in software technology, which refers to how multiple applications engage with and acquire data from one another. As an example, major social media platforms have API's and that is why you often see social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook and others integrated within a website's interface.

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