AGF is one of the largest Canadian manufacturers of manual cleaning tools & supplies. In addition to theirr other facilities, they also have a central hub servicing western Canada as well as an eastern sales office in Etobicoke, ensuring they have the most efficient, coast-to-coast supply chain available for their customers.

Their investment in new manufacturing technologies allows for flexibility in new product development and market trends while ensuring quality products. Backed by the industries most secure global supply chain of raw material, they ensure top quality and consistent delivery in all of their cleaning products. At Atlas Graham Furgale, they also strongly believe in providing exceptional value, quality and support for our cleaning professionals.


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Transforming the User-Experience

A digital strategy built for exceptional growth

Atlas Graham Furgale (AGF), a leading provider of cleaning products, witnessed remarkable growth in its online presence and customer engagement with the implementation of a new web design. The visually appealing and user-friendly interface made it easier for customers to explore AGF's extensive product catalog, access product information, and make purchases. This enhanced accessibility resulted in increased sales and a broader customer base.

The new web design incorporated a responsive layout, ensuring seamless browsing across various devices. This mobile-friendly approach allowed customers to conveniently shop for cleaning supplies on their smartphones or tablets, leading to a surge in mobile traffic and improved conversion rates. AGF's ability to cater to the growing trend of mobile shopping boosted its competitiveness in the market.

With a focus on user experience, the new web design prioritized intuitive navigation and streamlined product categorization. Customers could easily search for specific cleaning products, filter options and more, resulting in a more efficient shopping experience. This customer-centric approach led to increased customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

The new web design also allowed AGF to implement effective digital marketing strategies. Integration with social media platforms and search engine optimization techniques improved the company's online visibility, driving more organic traffic to the website. This increased brand exposure and reach translated into higher customer engagement, improved brand recognition, and ultimately, business growth for AGF.

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