MCAM uses video storytelling to drive engagement

MCAM is an autonomous, non-profit trade association created to support and promote the advancement of the plumbing, heating, pipe fitting and mechanical industries and the association and its membership.

We worked with the Mechanical Contractor Association of Manitoba to produce storytelling videos of members that have benefited from the association's membership and support. Crafted videos like these are essential for brand awareness, engagement and help capture people's attention.

"Storytelling is a part of our basic human instinct. When we want someone to understand our situation, we tell them a story. Humans are visual learners, we see things, and that's how we learn and remember stuff. That is why these types of storytelling videos can be so effective and make your brand stand out from the crowd."

Mike Bettens, CEO of Unite Interactive

The video stories are authentic and honest, speaking to the values, beliefs, and benefits of MCAM while engaging the audience on a deeper level and building a strong emotional connection.


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