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Reasons why you should be using video marketing right now.

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach out and connect with prospective and existing customers. It allows you to humanize your brand by having real people "telling your story" and allowing customers to feel more engaged with the targeted messaging.

Some interesting statistics:

90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision. Social Media Today

81 % of businesses are now using video for marketing. Hubspot

Social video generates 12x more shares than text and images combined WordStream

Social media posts with video have nearly 50% more views than those that use photos or just text HubSpot

Why Use Video?

  1. Video Builds Trust
  2. Video Engages Your Audience
  3. Video Helps with Lead Generation
  4. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales
  5. Video Increases Traffic to Your Website
  6. Video Appeals to Mobile Users
  7. Video Encourages Social Shares

How to Use Video Marketing

Brand storytelling videos

These types of videos build trust and bring your brand, culture and values to life. They create a positive image in the minds of the target audience and create awareness for your products and services.

A few of Unite Interactive's storytelling videos.

Product or service videos

Why just "tell" your customers about your products or services when you can show them through video and give them the knowledge and confidence to make the purchase. Video can help "sell" your service or product benefits while keeping the customers attention. Would you rather "see a video" or "read a long page of content" about the benefits of a product or service?

A great service video example is Hub Solutions and their service delivery approach for small and medium sized bushiness, their niche.

Tutorials and how to videos

An explainer video can help showcase the core features of your product or service in simple, easy to understand terms. It can highlight the unique value proposition your product or service can provide and "connect" you to the customer and highly influence their buying decision.

Behind the scenes videos

Showcase your team and their passion and commitment to ensure your customer success. Video helps provide an authentic connection with your customers and puts a face to the people they connect with. This allows you to build trust and authority with your targeted audience.

A great example of a behind the scenes video was when Unite Interactive provided aerial (drone) video and photography services for Vancouver client Safetech Scaffold.

The video gave the user an opportunity to have a birds eye view of what it would be like to work 40-50 floors or higher on scaffolding projects, while showcasing the Safetech brand and scaffolding expertise.

Video was cut down and also used as a vignette story for recruitment marketing efforts, suggesting job applicants "Take their job to a higher level!"

The video was also used for promotional purposes as the Safetech Scaffold was awarded the Surrey Business Excellence Award Winner.

Customer testimonial videos

Get your best customers to sell your product or service through video and "tell their story" through video how your product or service improved their lives. This allows your potential customers the opportunity to see themselves in the stories of real life customer success and loyalty you have earned.

Interested in how Unite Interactive can help you with your video marketing strategy? Let's connect and "Unite."


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