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We provide technology services that seamlessly connect servers, applications, websites and databases that communicate with each other and create a functional and user-friendly environment for your customers who are looking for information about your brand, products and services you can provide.

We stay up to date with the latest web and cloud based solutions as they are constantly evolving and our technology team wants to make sure our clients are benefiting from the best-in-class options available.

Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting helps our clients utilize IT effectively to achieve their business goals.

We can help our clients with software acquisition and integration that would help further enhance their online presence and the customer user experience.

Unite Interactive comes from a software development background, so we are able to converse with software providers on behalf of our clients, evaluate the service offerings and collaborate with our clients to make informed technical choices that will deliver the desired expectations.

Application Development

Application development is the process of leveraging software and custom programming functionality to perform the different tasks that a business requires online. It can involve designing, building and implementing a variety of customer and third party software applications.

It provides added functionality and can transform the user experience, create new revenue channels and provide added value to support business needs.

Database Development

Cloud based database development is critical to organizations as it offers a highly cost effective and efficient way of handling numerous types of data online.

It enables users to do numerous tasks with ease from a browser based environment and companies can scale up or down resources based on their unique needs quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

These database driven tasks, connected to a web interface can provide increased functionality between you and your customers by providing the ability to share data across the web.

API and Systems Integrations

API and systems integration is a concept in software technology, which refers to how multiple applications engage with and acquire data from one another.

As an example, major social media platforms have API's and that is why you often see social media feeds from Twitter, Facebook and others integrated within a websites interface. In short, the API allows the data from the social media platforms to be "inserted or shared" on the website from the original source.

Unite Interactive uses API's and system integrations to share data between applications, which helps to enhance the user experience.


PHP is a feature-rich and quick open-source scripting language utilized by Unite Interactive to create web applications.

MySQL is ab open source database server designed on a relational database management system. When used together, it can create scalable and strong internet/intranet applications that can enhance your online digital strategy.

Cloud Solutions

Unite Interactive provides cloud solutions that are on-demand and alleviate our clients having to buy and manage their own physical data centers and servers.

Our clients use cloud solutions for things like data storage, data backup, software development, customer facing web applications. Pretty much any service that doesn't require you to be physically close to the computer hardware that you are using can now be delivered via the cloud.

Content Management Systems

A CMS makes it simple for you to publish and manage content to your website. We can provide a robust custom CMS solution or integrate a third party CMS like WordPress.

The CMS allows multiple users the ability to add/modify/delete text, upload images and documents, add URL links, add YouTube videos and so much more.

In addition, Unite Interactive has plug-in functionality for things like job postings, news posting and event manager, etc.

Chat Integration

Live chats are becoming more popular as businesses are discovering new ways of interacting with clients. Adding a live chat to a website enables you to connect with your site visitors directly, help increase sales, and answer questions in real-time.

Having live chat boosts customer satisfaction and it displays fast responsiveness. Unite Interactive can integrate the likes of Drift and other chat software through various API integrations.

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