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The Manitoba Association of Architects (MAA) is a self-governing professional association, mandated by the Province of Manitoba under The Architects Act to regulate the practice of architecture in the province. The MAA works with its membership and other stakeholders to establish high entry standards to the profession and maintain high standards of practice.

The MAA appoints representatives to a number of community organizations, including the Winnipeg Building Commission, the Historic Buildings Committee, the Manitoba Association of Architects/Winnipeg Construction Association Joint Committee, and various task groups. As well, the MAA makes annual contributions to the University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture to help fund visits by guest lecturers and purchase books for the faculty's library.


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Architecture company website and digital marketing inspiration

Custom Web Development

Increasing member engagement

In-depth stakeholder interviews were conducted across the organization to ensure that all initiative and digital strategy goals were top of mind during the planning and development phases. To understand how to design the site, we needed to understand the many audiences who would use it. For each audience, we built a detailed persona.

We re-architected the navigation and flow of content for the Manitoba Association of Architect's digital presence, ensuring that content flow for each audience type (member, association, student, government and public interest was designed for optimal usability.

Thinking forward, the site was built on a scalable LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) framework to serve both current and future content needs of the MAA and their ever-evolving variety of online tools and resources they continue to provide to their association membership.

We provided the MAA with a solid foundation and the tools to grow their web presence over time and to provide increased functionality for their membership with online solutions for things like job posting capabilities to continuing education compliance tracking.

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