Our Work / Manitoba Aboriginal Health Careers

The goal of the project was to facilitate the development of Aboriginal health human resources and create a forum for organizations to work more effectively with Aboriginal people in Manitoba who are interested in and/or pursuing educational opportunities that would eventually lead them to a career in health care.


  • Digital and Brand Strategy
  • Brand Creation
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Web and Mobile Design
  • Content Management Solution
  • SEO Optimization
  • Hosting and Support
  • Video, Print and Photography

Unite Interactive was responsible for branding, designing and building an online Aboriginal heath careers career portal that enabled Aboriginal stakeholders an opportunity to explore the wide range of career, educational and resources available to them as they embark on their health career journey.

The primary focus of our digital strategy was simple: make the portal accessible for prospective students to connect students to these resources available in the community. To assist them with their decision making, we provided a wide range of health career information in one convenient place, helping students determine what exciting adventure in the health career field might be the best fit for them.

We developed an integrated media plan that focused on high exposure of the campaign through the web, social channels and various media outlets.

We also used a collection of video stories to bring the project to life, allowing prospective students to see current Aboriginal health care role models, who have come from different personal journeys on their way to having successful heath careers.

Posters of the role models were designed to support the campaign, each with a distinct QR-code that would “ping” the MAHC website and play the YouTube integrated video on the visitor’s mobile device, increasing the awareness and accessibility of the videos. Those posters were strategically placed in hospitals and other health facilities to co-market the MAHC awareness campaign.

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